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New combined sector files for LDZO & LQSB (AIRAC 1306)

We have combined the sector files for LQSB and LDZO FIRs in one big package, updated with each new monthly AIRAC cycle (or whenever there are changes to local airspace and published procedures.) The sector files are published for both EuroScope and VRC clients and contain:

  • up-to-date waypoints
  • up-to-date navaids
  • up-to-date airways
  • ground layouts based on AFCAD files for all IFR BiH and Croatian airports
  • up-to-date SIDs & STARs for all IFR BiH and Croatian airports

You can find those on the ATC downloads page.

vACCBiH Team

BiH Sceneries for X-Plane

We're very happy to announce sceneries for all 4 BiH international airports for both X-Plane 10 and 9:

Our LQSA scenery has been reviewed by xsimreviews, you can read the review here.


vACCBiH Team

[16.02.13 | 06-22z] Sarajevo '84 Winter Olympics Rush - RE-WINDED 2013


Dear pilots,

After many months of coordination with over 17 vACCs, officials, airport and ATC authorities, total of 124 individuals spread around 42 countries, on Saturday 16th February 06-22z, it is again time for the annual well known and successful Sarajevo '84 Winter Olympics Rush - RE-WINDED event with a lot of traffic to/from Sarajevo (LQSA) and our many interesting partner airports supporting us during the entire day.

Last year we had 8 partner airports and Sarajevo experienced around 160 movements, meaning 1/4th of the entire 2 weeks Winter Olympics traffic from 1984 and in average around 1 movement every 5th minute, which is a lot, seen in terms of Sarajevo airports practice of having max. 1 movement every 15 mins due to its blind runway configuration and surroundings!

This year due to the success of the last years event, we have almost doubled the number of partner airport, being a total of 14 very interesting partner airports, many of them former Winter Olympics capitals, and all together worth paying a visit.

The partner airports, starting early from east and ending late in west (due to time zones), will tune on 1h after each other and be online for at least 3 hours fully staffed together with their respective CTRs, so there will during the event be full ATC coverage between Sarajevo and the partner airports you choose to fly to/from!

So why not trying to combine flights to/from Sarajevo with:

  • -- 06-09z Yekaterinburg (USSS)
  • -- 07-10z Moscow (UUDD)
  • -- 08-11z Kiev (UKBB)
  • -- 09-12z Rostov (URRR)
  • -- 10-13z Chisinau (LUKK)
  • -- 11-14z Sofia (LBSF)
  • -- 12-15z Sármellék (LHSM)
  • -- 13-16z Podgorica (LYPG)
  • -- 14-17z Antalya (LTAI)
  • -- 15-18z Larnaca (LCLK)
  • -- 16-19z Nurnberg (EDDN)
  • -- 17-20z Berlin (EDDT)
  • -- 18-21z Chambéry (LFLB)
  • -- 19-22z Innsbrück (LOWI)

Beside the partner airports, the 2 feeder airports, Zagreb (LDZA) and Belgrade (LYBE) as well as 3 alternate airports, Dubrovnik (LDDU), Split (LDSP) and Mostar (LQMO) will be online by demand, all as during the Sarajevo '84 Winter Olympics.

vACCBiH has since the last year's Sarajevo '84 Winter Olympics Rush - RE-WINDED event improved a lot with getting more qualified ATCos, as well as launching an entirely new great webpage with all actual sceneries, charts and information automatically updated from several aviation databases.

There you can also find much more information about this year's Sarajevo '84 Winter Olympics Rush - RE-WINDED event, as well the just released new BiH VFR Scenery package for FSX, including Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka airports, correct roads and landmarks as well a great user guide full of relevant information. The FS2004 users are kindly asked to use the FS2004 Sarajevo airport scenery that can be found here.

So, remember to mark the 16th FEB with a huge X and let us RE-WIND the Sarajevo'84 Winter Olympics Rush together by making it one of the biggest rushes on VATSIM,

vACCBiH | Events Department

& Event partner vACCs: CROvACC, SCGvACC, VATRUS, vACC Ukraine, vACC Moldova, vACCBUL, ROvACC, VACCHUN, TRvACC, CvACC, VAT-GER, VAT France, VACC-Austria, vACC-CZ, VATITA & vACC Switzerland

[12.12.12 | 12-00z] Sarajevo 12 (Runway 12 operations only)


All pilots are invited Wednesday, 12.12.12 12-00z to a whole different Sarajevo experience with a 12h ATC staffed Sarajevo (LQSA) and celebration of 43 years with the well known and popular Sarajevo runway 12, which according to rumors, soon due to magnetic variation is expected to be changed to 11.

Runway 12 operations only is a unusual and very rare practice in Sarajevo and means very interesting, tight and therefore challenging traffic flows, both for pilots and ATCs.

Sarajevo is located in a valley surrounded by close suburbs, high terrain and often covered with fog, low overcast and heavy snow fall, therefore usually runway 12 is used for landings and runway 30 for departures. But here all traffic will use runway 12 and therefore reduced separation and backtrack operations via taxiway C will be used. As well as left turn departures with max. climb rate, min. speed and radius, to join the given SID or vector. All together making the traffic flow challenging, tight and most importantly, interesting for you visiting us.

To have the best experience, we recommend you to use the free scenery, have the charts (included in the Scenery-package), parking chart/guide (included in the Scenery-package) as well read and follow the briefing + this special runway 12 operations briefing (note that any ATC instructions overrides the below mentioned):

Expect reduced separation and minimal approach speeds due to/during backtracking traffic.
Expect left turn (to heading 315*) with max. climb rate (min. 3,0 %), min. speed (max. 185 KIAS) and radius (max. 2 NM). Turn asap but NOT before 2750 ft or DER (Departure End (of the) Runway) to join the given SID or vector.
In case of missed approach, expect the same procedure as for departures, with a left turn and climb to 6000 ft.
After landing vacate to the left via taxiways B and A and hold position when clear of runway. Caution other traffic. Park at advised stands by using the scenery and parking chart/guide. Backtracks via taxiway C must be completed as fast as possible. All checklists, preparations etc. must be completed at or before the holding point.

Further information to be found at our new homepage where also feedbacks can be shared! ;)

Hope to see you in foggy Sarajevo and have a great experience in Bosnia-Herzegovina! :)

vACCBiH Team

New forums

Our new discussion boards are available at

vACCBiH Team

Bosnian Roulette (10.11.2012, 1800-2200z)


The bets are made and the roulette is spinning... What will you get out of it? Try your luck!

vACCBiH invites you to an unusual event involving all 4 main Bosnia-Herzegovina airports: Banja Luka (LQBK), Sarajevo (LQSA), Mostar (LQMO) and Tuzla (LQTZ).

Starting at one of the airports by own choice, you'll get an ATC clearance to one of the 3 other airports, without knowing the destination in advance. Destinations will be rotated depending on the traffic flow and airport capacity. After the outbound leg you’re welcome to get a new destination by the ATC to hereby try your skills with all 4 main Bosnia-Herzegovina airports, or fly by your own choice. Routes, being short and simple, will be provided by ATC, so brief for all 4 airports and try your luck!

Pilot briefings, sceneries and charts are available at our new website:

Please note that just like in real, radar service is provided in Sarajevo TMA only and the 3 other airports use procedural ATC. Pilots will be expected to follow the published app/dep procedures or fly visually, and holding can be assigned by ATC when there are multiple aircraft on the approach.

Mark Saturday, 10th November 2012, 18:00-22:00z on your calender and try your 4 hours luck with all 4 very interesting and different main Bosnia-Herzegovina airports - as this is the first ever vACCBiH event with all 4 main Bosnia-Herzegovina airports ATC staffed simultaneously, so you better not miss it!

vACCBiH Team

New Sector Files for Euroscope and VRC

We have released a new version (1210) of our sector files for both Euroscope and VRC ATC clients. You can find them on our ATC resources page

Iron Mic Reward for LQSA_APP

Congratulations to the entire vACCBH team for winning the Iron Mic Reward on Sarajevo Radar position (LQSA_APP)! Excellent joint effort of keeping Sarajevo staffed this week!

We would like to thank our loyal local and regular pilots for the support and motivation during the competition and we also welcome all the new pilots who discovered Sarajevo this week: we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and we're looking forward to having you again in the future!

Iron mic 2

Visiting Controller Approvals

Congratulations to Christopher Widowitsch and Adam Stanojevic on their visiting controller approvals for Sarajevo Radar position (LQSA_APP)!

S3 Rating Upgrade

Congratulations to Svilen Vassilev on his new S3 rating upgrade!

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